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Why You Need an Accountant to Calculate and Submit Taxes in the United Kingdom as a Small Business Owner

Are you a small business owner in the United Kingdom struggling to keep up with your tax requirements? With HMRC taxes, self-assessment taxes, and company accounts to manage, handling everything on your own can be overwhelming. That’s where professional accountants come in handy! In this blog post, we’ll discuss why outsourcing an accountant for your tax calculations and submissions is crucial for any small business owner in the UK. Get ready to learn how expert tax advice can save you time, money, and stress!

The Benefits of Outsourcing an Accountant for Your Tax Calculations and Submissions

Outsourcing an accountant for your tax calculations and submissions could be one of the best decisions you make as a small business owner. The benefits are numerous, and they can ultimately save you time, money and headaches.

Firstly, professional accountants have extensive knowledge of HMRC tax regulations, self-assessment taxes, business tax requirements and company accounts. They understand the ins and outs of these topics better than anyone else. By outsourcing to them, you don’t have to struggle through complicated paperwork or worry about making costly mistakes.

Secondly, hiring an accountant can help ensure your financial records are accurate throughout the year. This means fewer errors on submitted returns and less chance of being audited by HMRC. It also helps when it comes to planning ahead for future taxes or adjusting quarterly estimates.

Thirdly, professional accountancy services offer expert tax advice explicitly tailored to your business needs. So if there’s any confusion or concern over a particular aspect of UK taxation law – from deductions to deadlines – they can give informed guidance based on their expertise.

Last but not least important is peace of mind; knowing everything has been done correctly provides reassurance!

How Do Professional Accountants Help With Tax Compliance in the UK?

Professional accountants play a vital role in ensuring tax compliance for small businesses in the UK. They help business owners navigate complex tax laws and regulations, ensuring they are up-to-date and fully compliant with all HMRC tax requirements.

Accountants provide expert advice on taxes, including self-assessment taxes and company accounts. They also assist with VAT returns, corporation taxes, payroll taxes, and other types of business taxes.

In addition to providing guidance on compliance matters, accountants can help small business owners avoid penalties by submitting accurate tax returns within deadlines set by HMRC. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in heavy fines, which can be detrimental to any business’s finances.

Furthermore, professional accountancy services offer an added layer of security for small business owners as they ensure that their financial statements are always accurate and up-to-date. This helps them make informed decisions about their future investments while maintaining good relationships with stakeholders such as suppliers or lenders.

Outsourcing or hiring a professional accountant is essential for any small business looking to maintain sound financial health while staying compliant with HMRC regulations.

What Are The Main Types of Taxes that Need to Be Filed in the UK?

As a small business owner operating in the UK, it’s essential to know the different types of taxes that must be filed yearly. Failure to comply with tax requirements can result in penalties and legal consequences.

The primary type of tax that small business owners need to file is self-assessment taxes, which are submitted annually through HMRC. This involves calculating income tax and national insurance contributions for yourself or any employees you may have.

Another essential tax requirement is business tax, which applies to all types of businesses, including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. Business taxes include corporation tax for limited companies and income tax for sole traders or partnerships.

In addition to these taxes, VAT must be filed if your business has revenue over a certain threshold. Other less common forms of taxation include stamp duty land tax (SDLT) when purchasing property or assets above a specific value.

Navigating these various types of taxes can be overwhelming for small business owners who lack experience in accounting and finance. That’s why outsourcing an accountant specialising in professional accountancy services can ensure proper compliance with all necessary filings while providing expert tax advice along the way.

4 Tips for Choosing a Professional Accountant for Your Tax Returns & Submissions

Choosing the right accountant to help you with your tax returns and submissions is crucial for maintaining compliance with HMRC regulations. Here are four tips to keep in mind when selecting a professional accountant:

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    Look for qualifications

    Ensure your chosen accountant is adequately qualified and registered. Check if they have memberships or accreditations from relevant organisations such as ACCA, CIMA, or ICAEW.

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    Consider their experience

    Find out how long the accountant has been practising in this field and what kind of businesses they have worked with. This will give you an idea of their level of expertise and whether they can handle your specific needs.

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    Assess their communication skills

    essential to work with an accountant who communicates effectively and clearly explains complex tax matters in plain language so that you can understand everything about your finances.

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    Check references & reviews

    Before hiring professional services, ask for referrals from other business owners who may have worked with them or check online reviews on websites like Trustpilot or Google Business.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you hire or outsource a competent and reliable professional to handle all aspects of your taxes accurately, maintain compliance with UK rules & regulations¸and provide expert advice on reducing liabilities while maximising profits – ultimately helping to grow your business successfully!


In conclusion, outsourcing an accountant rather than hiring one can be a cost-effective solution for businesses. It not only saves money but also provides access to a team of experts who are skilled in handling financial matters. With the right outsourcing partner, businesses can enjoy professional services that are tailored to their specific needs and goals. In this regard, Star Sterling Outsourcing stands out as an excellent option for businesses looking to outsource their accounting services. Our experienced team of accountants offers high-quality services at an affordable cost, ensuring businesses can focus on their core operations without worrying about their finances. Therefore, if you’re looking to save costs and ensure your business’s financial success, outsourcing your accounting services with Star Sterling Outsourcing might just be the solution you need.

With the help of the management reports created by our UK-Qualified Accountants, you can take better business decisions that will help you grow in this challenging economy with rising interest rates.

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