Star Sterling Outsourcing


At Star Sterling Outsource, our team of experts is available for hire to handle the mundane tasks within your business, freeing up your time and resources to concentrate on addressing the strategic and core business issues faced by your organization.


Do you Know you can Save up to 78% of your Operational Cost by Outsourcing our Bookkeeper?

VAT Returns

Worried about Monthly VAT returns & VAT Registration? Outsource us & Get VAT Planning & VAT Advice Timely!


Our Payroll Accountants will take the Burden off your Shoulders.

Personal Tax Returns

From income tax calculation and planning to tax relief, our tax accountant specialist will handle all your personal tax returns.

Management Accounts

Our management accountant will identify business problem areas and help with strategic management.

Corporation Tax

Helping you to Navigate Taxation Stratagems with Professional Expertise and Technology.

Digital Marketing

Let’s work together on the online visibility of your business. 


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