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Payroll service is the process of paying and calculating employees for their work. The payroll process includes calculating their wages, withholding taxes and employee benefits, and delivering payment – usually through direct deposit. So, the in-house accountant has to deal with a lot of paperwork and needs a lot of time. Thus, it is a time-consuming and costly task. No, worries, we have covered your back! Our payroll accountant will help you go through the process smoothly. Star Sterling Outsource mitigate to remove all the clutter and take the burden off your shoulder. So, you can focus more on your business growth.

Weekly & Monthly Salaries

We calculate and schedule weekly & monthly salaries; the salaries will be according to your employee preference. We make a monthly report before processing your payroll.

of Pay

We will manage the financial aspects of employee’s salary, allowance, deduction, gross pay, net pay etc. Generation of payslip is also included in our tasks. 

Calculation & Submission

We will maintain an employer identification number (EIN), establish a local tax ID and collect employee tax and financial information, including W-4 forms.

RTI (Real-Time Invoice)

Review employee schedules. Calculate overtime pay, gross pay & deductions. Also, calculate net income & payroll set up. RTI is the significant change to PAYE payroll.

We Guarantee Open, Transparent & Honest Payroll Service

Save Time & Money

Managing payroll processing is time-consuming for an accountant as well. Moreover, they charge you a full-time service for payroll. And, hiring a payroll accountant is more costly than any HR staff. No worries, our professional team of payroll accountants offer their services at cost-effective rates with up to 58% of operational cost savings.

Our payroll accountant deal with all calculation of pay and submission of employee tax to HMRC. With the assistance of our payroll expert, you can save not only time but also money. 

Build Payroll Continuity

Every payroll is different, and we recognise what you’re looking for. Furthermore, payroll deductions are complicated as various deductions apply to different staff members. Additionally, weekly, biweekly and monthly salaries can dismantle your continuity. Star Sterling Outsource can help you stay consistent with your payroll schedule. We believe in streamlined processes and simple solutions for running payroll. So, our UK-qualified accountants, at Star Sterling Outsource, work hard to streamline the payroll process. If you need to make a change, we make sure it’s simple.

Enhance Data Security

Protection of Data has always been a fundamental part of any accounting department. At Star Sterling Outsource, we comply with UK GDPR Compliance as it helps you stay on the right side of the law. Our service, and the software we use to run your payroll, are both compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Stay up to date with Payroll Knowledge

The stress isn’t stopped here; staying up to date with payroll laws and legislation is taking half of your time. Holiday Pay calculations have been changed. But don’t worry, we can handle it all for you. Every day, there is something new in tax law or any other amendment in accounting rules and regulations. It is tough to keep up with up to date with payroll knowledge. However, we keep our employees updated with the latest tax, law or any PAYE regulation updates.

No hidden costs - we believe is what you see that you get

Keeping up with information of every employee records, files and payroll is tough for you to manage as small business or even large businesses.  Tracking employee absent sounds simple but it isn’t, you need to maintain a proper data between sick leaves and paid holidays. At Star Sterling Outsource, we will ensure RTI filing deadlines are met and at no extra cost we can be the authorised agent for your company, handling tax code notices, student load notices and dealing directly with HMRC with PAYE queries.

Benefits of Outsourcing our Payroll Accountant

✔ No HR Management Pain

✔ Opportunity to Grow

✔ Affordable Highly Trained Certified Team

✔ Focus More on Growth & Development 

✔ Error-free Report on Time in whatever Format is Desired

✔ Reduce the Cost of Routine Clerical or Accounting Processes. 

Outsource Conveniently.

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