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Cost cutting is a vital goal of any business or accounting firm. Sterling Sterling Outsource helps you reduce operational costs; thus, overall cost reduction also occurs. Outsource us & be cost-effective!

With cost-effectiveness, you can cost control the entire cash flow of the business. Maintenance of in-house accounting staff is costly. Outsourcing accounting staff cut your extra expenses

Let's See How Much Cost We Can Save Together Whilst Building A Great Team


Record business transactions (sales, purchases and expenses), bank & credit card reconciliations (debtors & creditors), month-end journal and schedule of accrual & prepayment. A full-charge bookkeeper provides advance bookkeeping services.

Senior Bookkeeper

Reconcile Bank Statements, reconciles debaters and creditors, create a month-end journal and schedule accrual and prepayment


Qualified Accountant finalizes Trial Balance & working papers. Moreover, it includes the preparation of statutory accounts, tax returns & management.

Assistant Accountant

Record business transactions (sales, purchases and expenses) and bank & credit card reconciliations. Reception, liaising with clients for paperwork requests, deadlines and workflow

Do you Know you can Save up to 50% of your Operational Cost by Outsourcing our Accounting services?

Yes, you can save up to 50% of your cost by outsourcing with us! 

Generally, it is high maintenance and costly if you look for a conventional in-house staff. You have to train the staff and it is a costly process. Furthermore, there is a recruiting cost for hiring every employee. Not only this, office setup, electricity bill, and employee benefits also increase your business budget. HR and recruitment agencies also charge for their services. 

For small businesses and even large businesses, cost-cutting is a daunting task. But, we can make it easy for you. Save hours of time each month and focus more on business growth. At Star Sterling Outsource, you will get a professional bookkeeping & accounting team with cost-effectiveness.

Outsource us & have no more stress in keeping

day-to-day operations! 


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