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No doubt, setting up an offshore team is a rewarding process; otherwise,
none of the big Accounting Firms would do so, but it requires 100%
commitment and realistic expectations.

How It Works

Steps to your Success

No doubt, setting up an offshore team is a rewarding process; otherwise, none of the big Accounting Firms would do so, but it requires 100% commitment and realistic expectations. At Star Sterling Outsource we have experienced repositioning firm or business as forward-looking ‘advisers’ rather than historical data reporting accountants is the primary reason firms set up offshore teams. The overseas team prepares financials, and the home team focuses on high-value advisory, business development, and growing the firm. Star Sterling Outsource have provided a detailed service flow overview of the process. However, for the successful implementation of offshore strategy, it’s paramount that the entire process is clearly laid out from the outset.

Walk Through our Procedures to know more about how we work!

  • Speak to our Expert via Emeet

    It’s a free, non-obligatory 60-90 minutes Zoom call to understand your business and aspirations. So, we’ll formulate a strategy & timeline accordingly. Most importantly, we’ll answer all your queries. At the end of the call, you will have a clear understanding and the strategy you wish to proceed with.

  • Settle a Plan of Action

    We will agree to the scope, timeline and fees. Our fees are transparent and agreed upon in advance, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

  • Define the talent you need

    You can outsource any of our accounting or bookkeeping services. We would ask for your required service or job role you wish to recruit for. Please look at our recommended job positions for accountants, bookkeepers and others.

  • Shortlisting

    As per your job roles, we will shortlist 3 to 7 candidates for each position and provide you with video CVs. However, we may also offer as few or as many CVs as you want. All candidates are fully vetted and referenced.

  • E-Interview

    We will organise a final Zoom interview based on your availability. You can also record the interview if required. Or (The interview can be recorded if required.)

  • Offer

    We will advise you on the salary package based on our local market knowledge and law. We will hire your employees on your behalf and deal with all local taxes. Each month you’ll receive an invoice from us which will be paid in the UK bank account. All local compliance, including employment contracts and rights, will be dealt with at our end.

  • Set up

    Based on your preferred setup option (office or remote access), we will procure a workstation, dual screens, keyboard, mouse and headphones. All computers are secured with no access to USB and CD drives. Each member of staff will have pre-set Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. If required, they can also have a dedicated UK landline for incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Induction

    On joining (usually within 4 weeks of accepting an offer), we organise 5 days of induction. During this period, we train the staff member on IT protocols, Data protection / GDPR, communication tools or anything specific you want us to train like Xero or QBO refresher.

  • Joining Your Team

    The staff member is yours, just like anyone else in your UK office except for sitting in another branch office. Include them in your morning and weekly meetings. They will be available as per your UK office time.

  • On-Going Support

    We will continue to provide payroll and HR support to meet local compliance. Our dedicated IT support team is available on-call to deal with any IT issues. In addition, we will also organise team building days, which in our experience are quite essential to keep the team motivated. We aim to hire, train and retain the best talent with you. We can also organise 3 to 6 months' training in your UK office if required.

  • Bespoke Training

    As a premium accounting training provider in the UK, we have a library of courses on bookkeeping, accounting, Xero, QBO and so on. If required, we can provide advanced practical training to your staff member, saving you precious time.

  • Review & Support

    Your UK-based accounts manager’s sole responsibility is to make the process as smooth as possible. We are available whenever you need us. In addition, we have regular e-Meets scheduled to ensure the desired results are achieved.

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