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Do you Know you can Save up to 78% of your Operational Cost by Outsourcing our Bookkeeper?

We are a Team of Expert Bookkeepers equipped with Practical Accounting Training

Keeping up with cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets is daunting. Bookkeeping services are not just data entry. Yet, it is the backbone of any business's financial reporting and performance. So, you need a detail-oriented bookkeeping service to operate your business smoothly. And also help you understand your financial performance in detail. Thus, you're planning to hire a bookkeeper. But, hiring a full-charge bookkeeper is pricy and difficult to find. So, outsource our bookkeeper & take off the burden! We've given brief details of our services down below.

Sales & Purchase Book

Record list of credit sales made by businesses is the sales book. Additionally, recording credit purchases of a business in one place in the purchase book

Reconciliation of Bank Statements

Match bank statements with the transaction that is recorded in the general ledger. We’ll compare your bank statement, adjust your balance & record a reconciliation


Month-end journal is collecting and filing all financial & accounting information for review, reconciliation, and reporting at the end of each month. 

Basic Trial

Creation of bookkeeping worksheet in which the balance of all ledgers is compiled into debit and credit account column totals that are equal is basic trial balance. 

No More Struggle to Hire & Train Bookkeepers

Recruitment, Retention & Practical Training

It is not easy for business or accounting firms to hire a bookkeeper as it is pricey. Moreover, you need to train employees and provide them with practical accounting training. As a young businessman, your attention could be diverted as you try to solve the problem on your own. Bookkeeping software could help, but it would not solve all your problems. It would help if you had an ultimate solution to all your financial problems. Therefore, the all-in-one solution is to outsource your bookkeeper. Hurrah! Our bookkeeper has 1-3 years of experience with 3 months of advanced practical training. Additionally, no stress in hiring & retaining bookkeepers!

Experienced Bookkeeper with Industry Knowledge

 A senior bookkeeper can handle all accounting duties, such as preparing financial statements etc. As a result, small to mid-sized businesses may find that a senior bookkeeper addresses their needs rather than having to hire an accountant or controller.

Our bookkeeper will do

  • Record business transactions (sales, purchases and expenses), bank & credit card reconciliations (debtors & creditors), 
  • Preparation of month-end journal, and
  • Scheduling of accrual & prepayment. 


Save your Operational Cost

Moreover, an in-house bookkeeper is costly & high maintenance. You can save up to 78% of operational costs at Star Sterling Outsource. 

An in-house bookkeeper charges £895 monthly and £10740 per annum. However, by outsourcing our bookkeeping services, you can save up to £8460 per annum, i.e. more than 78% of your operational cost.

So, outsource our bookkeeper today!

Bookkeeping for Business & Firms

You’ve missed out on tax, or the in-house bookkeeper lacks practical training. Recruiting and hiring a bookkeeper at short notice seems impossible. The solution that fits any business or accounting firm is outsourcing. Well, outsourcing a bookkeeper today is the best possible solution for hassle-free hiring at a cost-effective rate. 

Yes, Star Sterling Outsource have tailored our bespoke packages to meet your need for outsource bookkeeping services as an accounting firm or business. 

We offer bespoke packages to accounting firms & businesses of any size with no long-term binding contract.
  • Full time
  • Part-time
  • Project-Based
However, you may cancel the contract anytime. For more details, contact us now! Star Sterling Outsource would be delighted to guide you through this project.

Benefits of Outsourcing our Bookkeeper

✔ No HR Management Pain

✔ Opportunity to Grow

✔ Affordable Highly Trained Certified Team

✔ Focus More on Business Growth & Development 

✔ Error-free Report on Time in whatever Format is Desired

✔ Reduce the Cost of Routine Clerical or Accounting Processes. 

Outsource us & have no more stress in keeping

day-to-day operations! 


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