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VAT is a tax you pay while buying a service or goods. So, it is a statutory requirement to submit vat with HMRC for a business with a higher turnover of £85,000. If you don’t, there are penalties! Not only this, HMRC is constantly restricting and becoming aggressive toward business compliance tax. However, one needs to register a VAT account correctly, prepare/ review VAT returns and identify potential ways of reducing overall VAT liabilities. Therefore you need professional accounting assistance for managing your file taxation. We’re here to provide quality service at cost-effective rates. 

VAT Registration with HMRC

Get you to register for VAT return with HMRC. We also assist with deregistration for VAT as well—advice in relation to international transactions and preparing overseas VAT refund claims.

Submission of VAT Returns

Guide you right through HMRC enquiry & offer the best advice for transaction, tax-saving and designing & maintaining the partial exemption. Also, help & guide you in signing up for MTD. 

VAT with Different Schemes

Talk to a Specialist VAT advisor for opting for VAT schemes, i.e. land & property transactions, construction projects, capital expenditure, international transactions, pension schemes, and VAT recovery

Client Service Coordinator

Guide you through VAT-related Query & Answers, i.e. pre and post-inspection VAT assessment reviews, negotiate with HMRC, assist with VAT appeals & dispute resolution and VAT health checks.

No More Penalty or Fine! Submit your VAT Returns by Outsourcing us!

Compliance with Timely Manner 

Filing an incorrect or late VAT return can lead to penalties and a surcharge period. And VAT is complicated, even for accountants, as it’s time-consuming. In our experience, accountants also hesitate to VAT return services as it is low margin and challenging to comply with. Compliance with ever-changing VAT regulations is vital for all businesses. No worries, we’ve got you covered; our ACCA-qualified accountants with 3 – 5 years of experience offer labour quality at a cost-effective rate. Additionally, we at Star Sterling Outsource provide 3-month advance practical training as well.

  • Assurance that your VAT liabilities are paid at the correct time and through the correct mechanism;
  • Assurance that you comply with your statutory and legal obligations;
  • As such, we can assist with simple compliance as well as complex investigations and appeals across the globe

Get the Right VAT Consultancy & VAT Schemes

VAT reporting has been continuously changing, and keeping up with unexpected notifications of tax liabilities from HMRC is daunting. Maybe you are overpaying VAT or missing out on valid input tax claims. And you may have potential weaknesses and VAT risks within your accounting systems. You need a professional VAT Advisor! 

At Star Sterling Outsource, we provide strategic advice to FTSE 100 businesses on supply chain optimisation. Additionally, we’ll reassure you that your net VAT calculations are accurate. And our periodic check of your financial system keeps you at the most efficient. Last but not least, we provide comprehensive VAT planning advice regarding property & capital transactions. Our VAT planning helps you potentially save the cost of the VAT elements of these transactions. 

Reduction in Overall Cost & Bookkeeping Responsibilities

Generally, an accountant’s assistant charges £1,005 monthly and £12,060 per annum. In contrast, the client service coordinator costs £795 monthly and £9,540 annually. We know that the operational cost is expensive for small to medium-sized businesses. However, the problem is not just operational cost! You’re probably paying full price VAT to HMRC and forget that you gave a discount or even can have a discount.  

MTD for VAT Returns

Making Tax Digital for VAT keeps your VAT record and files digitally. It has become a statutory requirement that impacts the preparation and submission of VAT returns. Briefly, it is HMRC’s strategy to modernise or digitalise the tax system. So, businesses prepare and file their VAT returns digitally using MTD-compatible software.


Every registered VAT business has signed up for (Making Tax Digital) MTD since April 1, 2019. Businesses with turnover above £85,000 now have to follow MTD rules that keep their records digitally. To carry out business with MTD, one must have accounting knowledge. 


At Star Sterling Outsource, we can assist you through VAT automated account registration with HMRC so you can operate your business better. However, various acclaimed accounting software can also help you with VAT calculation, submission and keeping records for as long as HMRC and your business require. 

Benefits of Outsourcing our VAT Accountant

✔ No HR Management Pain

✔ Opportunity to Grow

✔ Affordable Highly Trained Certified Team

✔ Focus More on  Business Growth & Development 

✔ Error-free Report on Time in whatever Format is Desired

✔ Reduce the Cost of Routine Clerical or Accounting Processes. 

Outsource us & have no more stress in keeping

day-to-day operations! 


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