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Making tax digital is legislation that keeps your digital records and tax system more efficient by using software to submit your VAT. 

In simpler words, it is the UK Government’s vision for transforming the conventional tax system into a more modern digital tax system. So, the businesses may have more digital services to get their taxes right. 

From April 1, 2022, if you are VAT registered then you must sign up for MTD.

With Star Sterling Outsource, signing up and submitting your VAT for MTD is just done in minutes


Digital Recordkeeping

We maintain your digital accounting record for VAT. Additionally, guide you for compatible accounting software.

Mtd for VAT

From signing up for MTD for VAT to filing the taxes digitally, we can help you with all the processes. Star Sterling Outsource provide services for businesses of any size and accounting firm.

Making Tax Digital

Client Coordinator Services

In case of any ambiguity or issue with signing up for MTD, we’re here to help.

ITSA MTD Coming Soon

MTD for Income Tax Self-Assessment will be live on April 6, 2024. We’re working on it and our team is prepared for upcoming changes. It is also expected that MTD for Corporation will be also developed.

Outsource us & have no more stress in keeping

day-to-day operations! 


Most Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

Business name, address and VAT registration number

VAT accounting schemes

VAT on goods and services supplied (total amount of purchases)

VAT on goods and services received (total amount of sales) 

Adjustments made to returns

“Time of supply” and “value of supply” (value excluding VAT) for everything bought and sold (nature of good sold)

The rate of VAT charged

Reverse charge transactions

Total daily gross, taking into account a retail scheme

In case, you’re using a compatible accounting software then only share 

Total daily gross, taking into account a retail scheme (no need)

Thus, we only require VAT accounting schemes

Yes, all business registered for VAT has to sign up for MTD from April 1, 2022. There is a surcharge if you don’t sign up after the due date.

If you’re a VAT-registered business, you need to record and submit VAT returns electronically/ digitally using compatible accounting software. 

Businesses of any size must use software to keep digital records of specified VAT-related documents.

Stored records must include designatory data and summary VAT data for the period.

The use of multiple pieces of software is allowed.

The format of the VAT return is a 9-box summary that needs to be filed via the HMRC’s platform, and which must be digitally linked between the customer’s source data and the digital return being submitted. Businesses will receive as well as send information to HMRC via API.

Each business must set up a new digital tax account and should follow a new authentication process.

Digital records can be submitted in a range of digital formats, including XML, CSV, and Excel, provided they are API enabled.


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