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Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is any accounting software hosted on remote software similar to the SaaS business model.

Cloud Accounting

With the help of cloud accounting, you can access your accounting reports anywhere, 24/7. Thus, it has eliminated the need to work from one central office-based computer. Instead, you can log in via any web browser from your laptop or any electronic device to access your accounts from your phone or tablet.


Online accounting software provides flexibility that helps accountants alter according to their needs. Flexibility avoids computation and makes file sharing easy in real time. 

Mitigate Risk

Cloud accounting mitigates risks of data corruption and robust disaster recovery plan. Additionally, auto data backup is easy and scalable. Therefore, the chance of data loss is negligible, and data backup is possible.

Data Security

Data is more secure in cloud accounting software. So, there is a better defence from cyber attacks than in previous. Nowadays, cloud accounting software has the latest technologies in security. Thus, the confidentiality of the data is guaranteed.

Cost Effective

Cloud accounting is cost-effective as compared to on-premises traditional accounting methods. Moreover, it also has low-cost maintenance.


Now, you can store unlimited data in cloud space. However, it also lessens the chances of data replication. The specific amount of cloud accounting storage is free of cost.


Data is no longer confined to paperwork or hard copies. You can access the information anywhere, 24/7. No more hardcopy and manual back statement as data is accessible.

is remote!

The world is changing into remote so are we! 

Let’s collaborate together despite the distance.

Right choice of cloud accounting software keep your work up to date, scalable and secure. We all know that hard drive and paper work is no longer the central hub. Now, you don’t need to spend hours on transcribing data like sales or income and purchase can flow straight from your bank to your cloud space. Cloud computing technology has access SaaS technology and made it smooth transition to remote work. No, longer manual invoice generation required, when you can autogenerate invoice sitting anywhere in the world by just logging in your cloud accounting software.

You can set up dashboard showing important information. Moreover, you can access anywhere, Work smarter with accessible data in the cloud. Cloud accounting has made collaboration of team easy as you can invite user to your information. Our Uk qualified accountant at Star Sterling Outsource can guide you though the process of setting up cloud accounting software and assist you though any ambiguity.

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