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How do we Train our Accounting Staff? | Importance of Practical Accounting Training

Basic accounting training is highly technical and teaches the bookkeeper or accountant about the company procedure. So, they can provide the best solution to the client. However, there is always a need for ongoing training as there is always something new in technology to learn. 
In this article, you will learn how we train our accounting staff with ongoing practical training and its importance.

Why does Accounting Staff need Training?

After hiring any accounting staff, you need to provide basic training to the staff. Even though you have got an ideal team member, you still need to teach them about your company or industry that leads to long-term results. 

How to Train Accounting Staff?

First, analyse the skill gap in the team. Next, work down and ask questions that help you evaluate their breaking points. After identifying the skill gap, make up a topic and start covering training from the simplest and get to complex eventually.

Once you are done with the skill gap, you may get further training that eventually values your company. generally, the ongoing training is structured into:

Hurdle in training

There are some team members that are less motivated as compared to others and distract others as well. Here communication can play an important role in one-to-one sessions. 

How do we Train our Staff?

Our team of professionals at Star Sterling Outsource is equipped with practical training

On joining (usually within 4 weeks of accepting an offer), we organize 5 days of induction. During this period, we train the staff member on IT protocols, Data protection / GDPR, communication tools, or anything specific you want us to train like Xero or QBO refresher.

We will continue to provide payroll and HR support to meet local compliance. Our dedicated IT support team is available to deal with any IT issues. In addition, we will also organize team building days, which in our experience are quite essential to keep the team motivated. We aim to hire, train and retain the best talent with you. We can also organize 3 to 6 months of training in your UK office if required.

As a premium accounting training provider in the UK, we have a library of courses on bookkeeping, accounting, Xero, QBO and so on. If required, we can provide advanced practical training to your staff member, saving you precious time

Importance of our Advanced Practical Training

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

– Anton Chekhov

Practical Accounting Training is essential for accounting firms or any business growth Although theoretical education has its own importance still, we can’t deny the need for practical accounting training. Practical accounting training helps accountants to practice their theoretical knowledge & deal with real-world problems.

Here are the fundamental importance of our practical training. 

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